While offering the Deepa Aaradhana to the deity, a mantra is chanted – beginning as "Om Rajadhi Rajaya Prasahya Sakine" (Sanskrit) in which the word 'Kameswwara" occurs in the middle of the chanting. Those desirous of the darshan of this deity Kameeswara should go to Kokilambika-Kameeswarar temple in Villianur near Puducherry. This Nama (name) is pronounced in all the temples.

Prasava Nandhi

The other significance of the temple is the Prasava Nandhi. Prasava means delivering a child. Though Nandhi (the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva) usually installed facing the deity, there is also a small Nandhi before this Big Nandhi. This small nandhi is structure of revolving we will keep in any direction.

Who has obstacles of marriage, without child birth and require good prasava (child delivery) , they are pray this lord and turn the small nandhi face to their house location. After their pray implemented who are again turn the small nadhi facing the deity

This small nandhi turning prayer is powerful and strange.

Sri Chakra

Adi Sankaracharya worshiped a Sri Chakram in front of the Kokilambal deity, every week of Friday, pooja is taking for this chakra. This chakra is increasing and strange the temple power.

48 agal vilakkus (earthen lamps) in continue 48 days

In ambal sannathi, illuminate by the 48 agal vilakkus (earthen lamps) in continuously 48 days, the prayer will be implementing. This hope is effectively by pilgrims and devotees.

Kala Bhairavar

Kala Bhairava in the temple graces here without His Dog vehicle and therefore, the place is venerated as a place of salvation.

Sun worship

The rays of Sun fall on the presiding deity on 9, 11 and 19 in the month of Panguni covering the Gregorian calendar March-April. In this days special pooja taking for deity. This sun workship is miracle of events in every year of this temple.

Sun Rays pooja ( Suriya Pooja)

Rays of sun fall on the presiding deity on 9,11 and 19 in the month of panguni (March - April ) offering his worship to the Lord

Lord Brahmma worshipped in this temple of Lord Kamisvarar