Renovation of Devasthannam

Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara temple is very ancient and 12th century chola period, This temple is build by Dharmabala Cholan ruling kamalapuri, He created a town here which was earlier a forest of vilwa tress and also constructed a temple, he also celebrated the Bramochavam and car festival for this temple.

The temple is a typical pictogram of antiquity, made of rock cut pillars, statues and depictions carved on huge granites and on the whole stands to be a stone beauty. Many historical evidences of the temple have been foun dating back from early A.D.

This temple has a little bit of French heritage attached to it, though not in its architecture, but in some of its traditions. Villianur Temple Car Festival is an ancient ritual about the deity Thirukamemswara Kukilambal.

This temple, which dates back to the 12th century, excels in its architecture. Spread over 2 hectares area, it consists of two gopuras on the east and south, which are the rare example of excellent craftsmanship.

After this chola period , in an franch rule, the Maha Kumbhabishegam was held on 1880 and 1923. The india got freedom from British and French rule, this temple was taken renevotion work and kumbhabishegam held on 1987. after this not yet taken any renevotion work and kumbhabishegam. This temple is in dilapidated condition and need to save the proud and ancient of this temple, the puducherry goverment has taken and completed the renovation work also keep the technical commitee for undertaking the renovation works of this temple.