Daily Pujas at the Temple

Daily poojas are conducted for six time in this famous temple. Moreover the special poojas to be carried out in Lord Siva's Temple are also performed regularly.

No Pooja Details Timing Pooja Sponser
1 Ukshakala Pooja 5:30 AM - 6.00 AM Mr. P.Janakiraman , Villianur, Puducherry
2 Kala santhi Pooja 8.00 AM -8.30 AM Devasthannam
3 Uchikala Pooja 11.30 AM -12.00PM Devasthannam
4 Sayaratchai Pooja 4.30PM-5.00PM Devasthannam
5 Maalai pooja 6.00 PM - 6.30 PM Dinamalar- Puducherry
6 Arthajama Pooja 8.30 PM - 9.00 PM sivanadiyar - Devasthannam
Palliarai pooja 9.00 PM

Pilgrims or devotees want to sponsor any of kala santhi , Uchikala pooja and Sayaratchai pooja in the period of one month , who are pay the amount of Rs 10000/- per month to Devasthanam Executive office, will join and sponsor pooja in their name.

Whoever willing to interest the sponsor of daily pooja (valid one month) they must pay the as mentioned amount to Devasthanam Office in Executive officer directly or send the amount by D.D or Check in the favor Sri Kokilambigai Samedha Thirukameswarar Devasthanam, villianur, puducherry.

If any further details want to know about this daily pooja sponsor, they can contact directly to Executive officer or by Email to Devasthanam.


  • The Executive Officer,
  • Sri Kokilambigai Samedha Thirukameswarar Devasthanam,
  • Villianur,
  • Puducherry.
  • Bank Transfer :
  • A/C No: 0430011002339
  • Villianur Branch