Car festival

The Brahamostavam festival is celebrated for 10 days during the Tamil month of Vaikasi and begins with the flag hoisting on the first day. On the 9th day the Car festival is celebrate with very grand.

This temple Car festival is biggest festival in around puducherry state. Car is massive 15meter tall (67 feet) , During French Colonial rule , the the Governor of puducherry used to join this very procession and actively participate in the drawing of the chariot through the streets. This tradition lives on with the present Lieutenant Governor of puducherry participating in the festival now.

The lord of kamesvarar and kokilambal is taken out for the demonstration in the well-decorated chariot. The devotees pull this chariot and it is regarded as the holiest tradition of pulling the holy chariot. This festival has typical Hindu customs where the devotees of Villianurof Villianur Temple in at Pondicherry offer curd, sandal, buttermilk and sandals to the crowd. The devotees believe that their wishes are to be will be fulfilled if they pull the chariot.